Bonsai Dinero

Cantidad máximo Cantidad mínima Como sea posible
10000 €
500 € 3 año

Bonsai soil
Luciano Ruiz

Akadama is hard-baked Japanese clay, specifically produced for Bonsai purposes and available at all (online) Bonsai shops. It needs to be sifted before use. Keep in mind that after about two years akadama starts to break down, reducing aeration to a certain extent. This means that regular repotting is required, or that Akadama should be used in a mix with well-draining soil components. Akadama is rather expensive and is therefore sometimes substituted with similar fired/baked clays that are easily available in any garden center. Even cat-litter can be used as a substitute, check our Bonsai forum which brand is recommended in your country.

Ana Sofía Fonseca

Syzygium smithii Bonsai (Acmena smithii) or commonly know as Brush Cherry Bonsai. It belong to the Myrtaceae family. It is found in Windsor Tableland, Queensland,…

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