Dindin préstamo

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Definition of din-din
Sofia Cortés

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DIN Standards
Iván Morterero

European standardization work begins with a proposal for a standard, which might come from a member of the European standards organizations CEN/CENELEC/ETSI (such as DIN), the European Commission, or another European or international organization. At least a simple majority and 71 percent of the weighted majority among all national standards bodies voting are needed for the proposal to be accepted. In addition, a sufficient number of national standards bodies must agree to participate, after having checked with their stakeholders that there is sufficient need – and sufficient financing – for carrying out the necessary work in the national mirror committees. Only then will the proposal be accepted and work on the standard can begin.
If there is an existing International Standard on the subject, it will be adopted, unchanged, as the European Standard. If this is not the case, the responsible working body will draw up a manuscript for the draft standard (prEN).

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