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Cantidad máximo Cantidad mínima Como sea posible
10000 €
500 € 3 año

Bautista Garrido

FIIZY is a financing app that helps you buy what you need right now. The money you need will be yours in minutes. We handle your application and connect you with multiple creditors, offering you the best tailor-made financing options on the market.

Sofia Cortés

Usually companies use the best tools and technology that are available to get the job done. At Fiizy, we decide what that job is, and then create those tools and technology ourselves. And what’s most important – we understand better than anyone that people are at the center of it all!

Luciano Ruiz

FIIZY is a financing app that helps you receive the money you need right now. Our innovative technology connects customers looking for financing with creditors ready to offer it in real time. Financing made easy means you can buy what you need right now, with the best credit choices on the market. Easily.

Juan Andrés Sanz

We are a fast-growing team of over 40 talented individuals. Everyone at FIIZY loves what they do, and are great at it. We scout the world for skilled, enthusiastic and experienced team members. FIIZY provides an honest environment where everyone’s skills are appreciated and empowered. This is how the magic happens.

María Camila Martí

Whether you have a question about our website or products, or would like to provide feedback on your FIIZY experience, we are eager to hear from you. Your comments are valuable to us and we’re always happy to help in any way we can.

How Fiizy works
Adriana Madrid

Choose the amount you need or just select FIIZY as your payment type in a shop or online store. Select your repayment terms and we’ll show you the best financing options according to your profile. We search. Creditors offer. You choose.

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