Hamilotn Financial Solutions Ltd. – Dinero Rapid

Cantidad máximo Cantidad mínima Como sea posible
10000 €
500 € 3 año

Adding value to your businesson a global scale
Hugo Juderías

Rapid Solutions is a global provider of electrical, instrumentation, hydraulic, mechanical, telecommunication services and associated technical training.

How do you get the best finance deal for your business?
Nina Beldad

Due to the relationships we have carefully honed with our years of experience knowing what finance suppliers are looking for, we are best placed to negotiate special rates and arrangements. This puts us in a great position to secure favourable terms and conditions with our panel of lenders, tailored to what your business need,s which you would not have access to if you contacted them directly. Combining this with our industry leading knowledge and insight, it means that we can help you source the finance solutions you need.

Israel Alguacil

Most prudent business people insure their business property – cars, machinery, etc. Not many insure the most expensive asset of any business – it’s people. Consider the effect on your business if you or one of your key employees were to die or become seriously ill. Would you like to be in business with your Partner’s (or Director’s) widow’s next husband? Share protection is vital if you are to safeguard the ownership of your business.

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