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Adriana Madrid

2.4. Leadsor se zavazuje poskytnout podrobné statistické údaje s počtem prokliků, vytvořených objednávek a výši provize. Tyto údaje budou identifikování podle čísla Partnera umístěného v propagačních nástrojích vedoucích ze stránky Partnera na Leadsor. Leadsor nenese žádnou odpovědnost za správné umístění čísla Partnera. V případě ztráty nebo neumístění tohoto čísla, Partnerovi nevzniká nárok na provizí.

Gerardo Zorita

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Iker Dávalos

4.2. Leadsor and the Partner may at any time terminate fulfilling Terms and Conditions of this Agreement on the grounds of the indicated reasons or without such, but with the advanced notification to the other party of the intention to terminate the partnership. Notice of such intention may be sent by e-mail and will be considered as an official notice of termination of the cooperation. If this Agreement is terminated due to violation of Terms and Conditions of this Agreement by the Partner, the Partner does not have the right to get any payments, including those ones accrued to the Partner before the date of termination of the Agreement. If this Agreement is terminated for reasons not related to a breach of this Agreement, the Partner shall be entitled to get only those payments that were accrued during the validity of the Agreement. Leadsor reserves the right to withhold a final payment for calculating the exact amount due for payment to the Partner.

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