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Introducing Mash Group
Adriana Madrid

Mash Group totals nine companies including the parent company. Mash Group Plc owns the entire share capital of all eight subsidiaries either directly or indirectly as described in the figure. Mash is headquartered in Helsinki (Finland), and has offices in Stockholm (Sweden), Warsaw (Poland), Madrid (Spain) and Luxembourg. The related figure describes all the Group companies by country.

Mash it real good
Sandra Berganza

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Dante Morillo

Mash Finance is a multimedia company specializing in corporate finance research. It provides best practices and case studies in the areas of Boards, Compliance, Financial Management, Governance, Internal Audit, Risk Management, Securities Operations and Technology to more than 150,000 corporate finance professionals worldwide. Mash Finance research is distributed through Financial Executives International TV, Mash Risk Television, SkillSoft, Thomson Reuters, and other leading corporate finance media properties.

Mash Group Plc reports interim unaudited financials, H1 2018 ended 30th June 2018
Juan Diego González

James Hickson, CEO of Mash Group is pleased with the Group’s performance for the first half of 2018: “Our strong momentum has continued in the first half of 2018 thanks to the commitment of our team and partners. During the second quarter, we saw our lending volumes continue to grow as planned, being three times the level compared to the same period last year. We also saw the positive impact of our decision to move to interest-based pricing, with our revenue growing faster than our lending volumes in the second quarter compared to the first”, said Group CEO James Hickson. “This demonstrates the strong competitive position of our lending business model. We anticipate this strong growth to continue in H2 2018, supported by our new customer acquisition channels and going live in the Spanish market in Q2/18.”

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