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internet & fixe
mon mail Orange
Juan Diego González

Excellente question ! Demandé X fois à Orange qui a toujours fait la sourde oreille. Ils ont même répondu, quand on leur demande explicitement de supprimer cet alias @wanadoo, qu’ils avaient décidé de ne plus le faire, puis ils le font quand même, selon le conseiller sur lequel on tombe. Bref, la bouteille à encre !

Wanadoo S.A. – Company Profile, Information, Business Description, History, Background Information on Wanadoo S.A.
Emma Curbelo

Wanadoo S.A. is one of Europe’s top three Internet service providers (ISPs), along with rivals T-Online and Tiscali. The company, a subsid iary of France Telecom, boasts nearly ten million customers chiefly i n France, the United Kingdom, Spain, and The Netherlands, but also in Morocco, Jordan, Mauritius, and Algeria. France remains Wanadoo’s si ngle largest market, accounting for more than four million subscriber s. The company is also one of the leading ISPs in the United Kingdom, through its subsidiary Wanadoo UK, formerly Freeserve. The company’s Internet services have focused especially on building up its broadba nd network, based on both the ADSL and ADSL+ protocols. In 2004, the company launched its WIFI-equipped Livebox, combining Internet capabi lity with Internet telephony capacity. Since late 2005, the company a lso has begun rolling out Internet television services as well. Wanad oo’s true strength, however, lies in its strong content and services component. The company’s PagesJaunes Internet-based yellow pages dire ctories are a major source of revenues for the group, and include a b ase of nearly 700,000 business customers. The company also has moved to extend its directories operations into other markets, particularly Spain. Wanadoo also controls online shopping site Marcopoly, special ized in appliances and electronics, and Alapage, specialized in books , CDs, and video. Another Wanadoo operation, Voila, is France’s leadi ng French-language Internet portal and search engine. Parent company France Telecom took full control of Wanadoo, which had previously lis ted 10 percent of its stock on the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange, in 2004. At the end of 2005, France Telecom signaled its intention to me rge Wanadoo with its mobile telephone subsidiary, Orange, in order to create a single overriding brand. Wanadoo is expected to be rebrande d as an Orange subbrand following the merger process, which could tak e as much as 18 months to complete. In 2004, Wanadoo posted revenues of EUR 3.25 billion ($3.9 billion).

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